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11 Days of Flowers

11 Days of Flowers Campaign

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What is the heart? A flower opening… - Rumi

An endless source of joy, flowers are at the heart of all we create. They bring us a profusion of beauty and symbolism, and remain entwined in all that inspires us.

We paid tribute to our favourite blooms with #11daysofFlowers, celebrating our most cherished blossoms each day. Here’s a glimpse of our favourite flowers from the campaign, captured across our designs.

Gul. Gulab. Rosa

In Sufism, the soul is likened to the rose, and like the rosebud, every soul is born to unfold itself.

Mogra, Motia, Malli, Chameli

Just some names for this tiny flower, which appears at the start of summer and blooms in joyous profusion in shades of white.

Jasmine is a common offering in Hindu temples, and gajras, or flower bundles, are worn traditionally to perfume hair.

The calming, uplifting properties of its fragrance are highly valued in aromatherapy as well.

The Nargis, Or
‘The Poet’ Daffodil’

Its Latin name, Narcissus poeticus, originates in the story of the Greek mythical character, Narcissus, son of the River God. Gifted with magnificent beauty and vanity, he falls in love with his own reflection in a lake, and gradually transforms into a flower.

A symbol of prosperity and rebirth, Nargis is one of the first flowers in Kashmir after the harsh winter, sounding the arrival of spring.

The Harshringar

Native to southeast Asia, flowers only at night.

In Hindu mythology, it appears as Parijat, a divine tree that bears exquisitely fragrant flowers, which Lord Krishna steals from the garden of Indra. Even today, its leaves are fundamental to Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy.

Thamarai. The Lotus

This sacred flower symbolises the cycle of life, death and rebirth as it surfaces from murky waters unscathed, blooming each day.

Pichwai paintings often depict Lord Krishna surrounded by lotus blooms.

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