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A meeting of minds. An unfurling of melodies. A rising crescendo of rhythm. A circle of enchantment.

B A I T H A K 

In celebration of their decade-long friendship, Anita Lal and Sanjay Garg envisioned a musical summer evening in a Baithak style. 

As a living tradition, the Baithak opened to an audience of music lovers enraptured by the serene vibrations of the performer. A seated recital, a Baithak was a gathering of the like-minded, a communal space of performer and spectator where classical music was made and received in equal measure.  

As the purest form of art, music was a central feature of the Baithak, its soulful melodies rising and falling with unwavering clarity, always meant to transcend its reach.  


We began with Kathak dancer 

Shivani Verma, 

disciple of celebrated Kathak maestro, Guru Shovana Narayan. 




A lyrical, compelling performance by world-renowned Kathak danseuse Aditi Mangaldas followed. 


And Pandit Mishra closed the evening in true Baithak tradition. 

Barefoot In The Park

Barefoot in the Park: A Song of Spring

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What Makes Spring A Season of Song?

Is it the carefree wonder of a sun-soaked afternoon spent sprawled on the hammock with a half-read book?  The earthy smell of freshly cut grass as you meander through an enchanting trail of flowers? 

An abundance of ripe, delicious fruit ready to be devoured? Or a mischievous game of hide-and-seek abandoned for a brief, yet unforgettable, love affair

We found inspiration in the free-spirited beckoning of nature, from which flow all things  
beautiful and pure. 

A celebration of the little moments that took our breath away: 

Our 2018 Spring Campaign for Home and Good Earth Sustain.

Experience the romance of soft tones, breezy forms, floral prints and delicate embroideries with our Spring collections.

Experience the romance of soft tones, breezy forms, floral prints and delicate embroideries with our Spring collections.  

A song to spring, nature and the abundant bounty of life.

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Come celebrate the spirit of spring with us. 

Barefoot In The Park Playlist


Khoya Khoya Chand 
Suman Sridhar

La Vie En Rose
Daniela Andrade

Aaj Jane Ke Zid Na Karo
Farida Khanum

Baat Ban Jae