Cocktail Hour with Karina Aggarwal

Cocktail Hour

 with Karina Aggarwal,
Beverage Expert and Consultant


She can make delicious drinks with
the easiest ingredients, and swears
by the basics of bartending.
Join Karina as she shows us how to
mix the best (and booziest) Negroni.

“For a long time, we have made cocktails to be these really exclusive things that you have to go out to have... But at home, it’s so simple. You just need to stock your bar with about four different things. The rest comes from your kitchen anyway.”

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A Luxurious Lunch with Dhruv Oberoi

A Luxurious Lunch with Dhruv Oberoi

Executive Chef, Olive and Serai at Olive, New Delhi | With every menu he puts together, his culinary creations become more and more decadent. Join Dhruv as he serves up a Moroccan fantasy for the midday meal.

“When I style a menu or a table, the only thing I keep in mind is the experience and the concept...Lunch for my guests needs to be filing; it needs to be substantial...”

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Breakfast of Champions with Sahil Marwaha

Breakfast of Champions with Sahil Marwaha


Partner Founder, Beam & Words | Known as Delhi’s Breakfast-Bowl Boy— thanks to his yummy (and healthy) Instagram feed—he whips up delicious morning meals in moments, and serves them with style.

“People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I vouch for that. It’s a great kickstart for me... It’s something I love eating, and that’s why I’ve started creating it for myself every morning now.”

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Dinner For Two with Eeshaan Kashyap

Dinner For Two with Eeshaan Kashyap

Restaurateur and Culinary Expert | Running some of Delhi’s most awarded restaurants, his expertise lies in creating unforgettable experiences through food, ambience, and service. Here, he talks about his love for all that’s Indian.

“I don’t wait for a birthday or a special day... I love the concept of a thali; it’s a combination of all the regional foods put together. For me, the gold of the Kansa, the green of the betel leaves, and the red from the roses forms happiness on the table.”

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Time for Tea with Shreya Soni

Time for Tea with Shreya Soni

Founder, Delhi Secret Supper Club | The capital’s most sought-after host and curator of creative experieces, she talks about making teatime special by mixing flavours, flowers, and fun at her table.

“It’s so interesting... how you move from sweet and savoury and crunchy, and the different layers that could tingle your senses... And the interjection of happy flowers on the table. And somehow it makes the whole teatime tradition so much more special.”

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Pichwai: The Dance of Krishna

Pichwai: The Dance of Krishna

Ornate, handpainted temple hangings that bring alive the legends of the deity 


The word Pichwai has its roots in the Sanskrit pich (behind) and wai (hanging). A traditional art form that emerged in the 17th Century at the Nathdwara temple in Rajasthan, Pichwais are intricate paintings dedicated to Shrinathji and are typically hung behind the idol of the deity in local shrines. These elaborately handpainted artworks celebrate the different moods and expressions of Krishna, and mostly depict temple rituals like the adornment (shringaar) of Shrinathji according to the seasons or festivals in the Pushtimarg calendar: Janamashtami and Gopashtami, for example. A popular depiction of Krishna found in Pichwais is the Chappan Bhog (a feast of 56 delicacies) rendition as an offering to the deity. Elements of the Indian monsoon like the peacock, the lotus, and even his beloved cows are featured prominently and repeatedly. 


Over time, Pichwai painting came to be practiced in various local styles. The most recognisable among these are the Nathdwara style known for its expressive portraitures, the Deccan or Hyderabadi defined by a liberal use of gold and silver leaf, the dynamic and fluid Kota-Bundi style, and the Kishangarh style inspired by Mughal miniatures. 


As an endeavour to preserve and revive this sacred art form, we present contemporary renditions of traditional Pichwai paintings in collaboration with The House Of Things, curated exclusively on our web boutique for a limited time.

One God, Many Avatars

From dancing to eating, cow-herding to flute-playing, Pichwais depict the many moods of Lord Krishna

Shrinathji Morkutir Pichwai: An ode to the Monsoon, this colourful Pichwai features Shrinathji playing his bansuri (flute), surrounded by dancing peacocks and his beloved cows.

Shrinathji Duhera Manorath: Painted in the Mughal miniature style, this intricate Pichwai depicts the ritual dressing (shringaar) of Shrinathji before a Chappan Bhog ceremony.

Shri Gokulchandramaji Gopashtami: Symbolising Lord Krishna as the Gokulchandrama (the moon of Gokul), this Deccan-style Pichwai features the deity in a Tribhanga (three-body-bends) posture.

Gopiyo Ki Pichwai: Rendered on a dark background with gold leaf detailing, this exquisite Pichwai depicts four Gopis in adulation of Shrinathji.

Moods Of The Monsoon

“Monsoon, spring of India, saviour from the torment of summer.
You brought tidings of the month of Tir, once again we escaped the heat”

Mas’ud Sa’d Salman (d. 1121), Persian poet

Discover the joys of the Indian Monsoon through our curated playlist, home collections, wellness products, and range of easy apparel

The Good Earth Playlist

Revel in the rains with our favourite tracks featuring the sublime Raag Mian Malhar and the familiar Tu Jaane Na.

1. Manj Khamaj- The Rough Guide to Ravi Shankar
2. Diwana Hua Badal - Kashmir Ki Kali (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
3. Serenata -  Armik 
4. Paradise – MCP Performs the Greatest Hits of Coldplay, Vol 2
Dance All Night – Axel Boman 
6. Raga: Gaud Sarang – Raza Ali Khan & Ustad Munawar Ali Khan
7. Up Close: Embrace – Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra
8. Tu Mane Ya Na Mane – Wadali Brothers
9. Tu Jaane Na - Atif Aslam (From “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani”)
10. Raga Mian Malhar – Tarana – Flights of Melody (Veena Sahasrabuddhe)
11. Dasht – E- Tanhai – Meesha Shafi
12. He Govinda He Gopala – Treasures of Classical Indian Music

Monsoon Dreams

Transform your room into a haven of relaxation with our soothing bed collections, creating the perfect recess as you unwind to the sound of the falling rain

Hand-block printed mul, natural dyes, and delicate quilting are the
ideal bedmates for languid, rain-soaked slumber

Home, Sweet Home

Give your home a makeover with colors and patterns that evoke the magic of monsoon

Celebrate the arrival of monsoons with lotuses blooming on our Neelanjana table linen, finely hand-block printed and dyed in natural indigo

Infuse a refreshing, natural flavour into your tea, coffee, or cocktails with these handmade spices from Sri Lanka

Enjoy delectable monsoon treats on a palette of blue and white
with our resplendent Indechine dinnerware range

Converse over steaming cups of chai with our finely-decorated Narmada range of mugs and kulhars

Let the bright colours of our Indian Ocean umbrella lift your spirits on an overcast day

Dress Divine

Effortlessly casual, easy silhouettes in handloom fabrics: welcome the rains with our Zineb, Vapika and Machlipatnam collections

From African Berber patterns to the lightest white muls, to hand-block printed motifs in jewel tones, dressing easy for the Monsoon was never easier. Pick from a range of classic kurtas to opulent odhanis from our apparel brand, Sustain.

The Rozana Edit

For everyday casuals that never go out of style

Rituals of the Rains

Indulge in the delights of filigree lamps, fragrant Dhunas, and health-giving brass with our lineup of lifestyle essentials for your home