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9 Trees of Summer

9 Trees of Summer

Fables & Nature

We’re celebrating the magnificent trees of India that eternally nurture the earth and nourish our wildlife.

A profound source of inspiration, the motif of the flourishing tree appears across our designs. 

Join us as we celebrate our favourite summer trees with

I. The Plantain tree, a tree of plenty and prosperity. Traditionally planted during festivities and special occasions, the banana tree finds its way into temple offerings and rituals. Its sacred leaves decorate homes and weddings, and it was once believed that the gods delighted in the food offered on these expansive greens.   

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II. According to Hawaiian legend, the slender coconut tree once served as a bridge between the earth and the heavens, a link between humanity and the gods. It represented a channel to the otherworld, and in many countries, it was celebrated as the 'Tree of Life’.  


III. The Tropical Palm tree, an emblem of victory, triumph and peace. In ancient Egypt, the tree was sacred, worshipped as a symbol of immortality. Varieties of the tropical palm grow naturally across India, although the origins of the tree can be traced all the way back to the world’s earliest civilizations, where it was once celebrated for its life-giving qualities.

IV. The Pomegranate tree bursts with fruits of paradise, the anar or pomegranate, a symbol of regal abundance. Also known as the Fruit of Fertility, the pomegranate embodied eternal life and rebirth in many cultures through Central Asian and European history. The word itself was derived from the French ‘pome garnete’ or ‘seeded apple’, referring to its treasure trove of ruby seeds.

V. We’re celebrating the magnificent trees of India that eternally nurture the earth and nourish our wildlife. With its large, bright blooms, the impossibly fragrant Frangipani or Plumeria tree blossoms in lustrous shades of pink, yellow and white. Also known as the Champa, the flowers of this small tree symbolize immortality, flourishing as many times as they wither. Join us to celebrate our favourite summer trees with #9TreesOfSummer. 

VI. In India, the radiant Chinar tree was historically celebrated by the Mughals, who planted over a hundred majestic Chinars in Kashmir's paradise gardens. Also known as the Royal Tree, the Chinar was once valued for its medicinal properties, its splendid form and fiery leaves marking the onset of autumn each year. 

VII. Our landscape brims with vibrant Apple and Cherry blossom trees that have profound cultural and historical significance. While apple trees symbolize virtue and knowledge, a tree of immortality, the Himalayan cherry blossom trees herald autumn in Shillong with exquisite white, pink and crimson flowers flourishing on slender branches.

VIII. We’re celebrating the magnificent trees of India that eternally nurture the earth and nourish our wildlife with #9TreesOfSummer. A symbol of wish-fulfilment and fertility, the Mango tree draws us in with its deliciously sweet fruit. Known as the tree of abundance, it has a rich presence in our legends, myths and folklore, its fruit the king of all fruits. Our designs celebrate the majestic tree with stylized motifs of birds hidden in its verdant leaves.

IX. In Greek mythology, the beautiful Cypress tree was associated with Hecate, the goddess of magic, light and the underworld. In Srinagar, the Mughal gardens were once ornamented with these grand conical trees. Its slender leaves appear historically across jewellery, art and as a symbol depicting scenes of mourning.

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