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Good Earth Crafts Edit

The Good Earth Crafts Edit

From the hands of master artisans to your
homes we invite you to discover India’s astounding craft heritage


On the global stage, one of the things that sets India apart is its craft heritage. These are unique practices that go back uninterrupted for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. Our abundance of natural resources and human ingenuity have given us an inexhaustible spectrum of handicrafts that have only become more refined over long periods of royal patronage.


These timeless traditions are at the heart of our work at Good Earth. For 23 years and counting, we have worked closely with craftspeople and communities who, generation after generation, safeguard this infinite cultural patrimony. As we celebrate our 73rd Independence Day, we bring you the crafts that have inspired us and given us some of our best loved products.

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AJRAKH | Gujarat

Handwoven cotton and silk, resist-printed and hand-dyed in natural indigo, madder and black

BLOCK PRINT | Rajasthan

Hand-carved wooden block patterns precision printed by the hands of master craftsmen

BROCADE | Uttar Pradesh

Sumptuous handwoven silk jacquard textiles shot through with pure silver and gold threads to form intricate motifs

CHANDERI | Madhya Pradesh

Handspun silk and cotton woven together to achieve a diaphanous, breathtaking textile coveted by the nobility

CHIKANKARI | Uttar Pradesh

Raised, hand-done cotton threadwork on diaphanous mul cottons that creates a shadow effect

DABU | Rajasthan

Handwoven cotton and silk hand-block printed and mud-resist dyed in natural indigo

KALAMKARI | Andhra Pradesh

The finest hand-drawn designs that use only vegetable and mineral colours

KANSA | Odisha

Tableware and utensils in bell-metal that’s heat-cast, beaten, and crafted by hand

MALKHA | Tamil Nadu

Made of handspun and handwoven cotton, the name comes from combining mul and khadi

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