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Good Earth Fables

Good Earth Fables

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The splendour of the moon, the stars, the rising sun, the winds, the sky, the vegetation, the animals, birds, rivers, trees and mountains together form the beauty of nature.

Our Inspiration

Our motifs celebrate a deep and abiding love for nature, and draw from rich cultural and design legacies across India and Asia.

We paid tribute to our favourite motifs with #GoodEarthFables, celebrating our most cherished motifs with imagined fables each day. Here’s three of our best, that find themselves captured
in our designs.

The Chand

There was a time when the skies had no stars, planets or clouds, only the Moon, a vision of white light. There were no days, only misty evenings and endless hours of dusk. Dissatisfied with her empty existence, the Moon journeyed away from the Earth to the realm of the Gods, and asked for company – something, anything, that would light up her humdrum orbit. 

We can offer you the stars, they said.
A barter for your lustrous shine.

And so, the stars were created from the Moon’s radiance, bespangling the night skies with stardust and fire. The Moon doesn’t shine as bright any more, but she’s surrounded by an infinite cosmos of starry companions

The Cats

In a Himalayan jungle, a stately tiger wanders through the foliage amidst a terrible rainstorm. He ascends a winding tree, and perches on the edge of a branch, peering down at a village. A girl of twelve is climbing over the village wall. ⠀ 

“Where are you going in this rain?” he asks.  

“A talking tiger?” She jumps over, and gestures to him. “Would you mind giving me a ride?”  

"Where to?"  

"Far away," she says. "Only until dinner." 

The two wander through a stormy landscape of dark woods and rocky cliffs, turbulent waterfalls and rivers. They see animals of all shapes and sizes, and swim through a freshwater lake. They discover a meditating sadhu in a cave, and waltz through a garden of glowworms.

You weren’t afraid,
he says, as he drops her back at the village.

The greatest demons,” she says,
as she pats him goodbye,

Lie within us.

The Clouds 

A weaver in the Kingdom of the Skies, she lived in a quiet tower beyond the mountains, where the Earth ended. Her room was filled with yards of cotton, which she spun into soft clouds of all sizes.

From woolly tufts and stormy knots to featherweight mist and flossy vapour, she worked the loom endlessly so clouds could float in the eternal skies.  

After eons, she grew tired of this infinite loop. One day, she spun a cloud burly and secure, and rode it out of the tower at dawn. 

She didn’t know where she was going, but
travelled anyway, in pursuit of the sunlight
in the horizon.

The Butterflies & Flowers

In a quiet town nestled in the mountains, there lived a magician who’d been banished by the King. His life turned grey and in anger he cast a spell on all the lands to drain flowers of their colour. 
He put all of the colour into a massive, mesmerising robe of rainbow hues for himself and sat on a throne in a magical fortress. 
"The King must beg my forgiveness," he thundered to the bewildered people. The King finally did but, all this power had gone to the magician’s head. "I refuse," he said. "The colour suits me!" 
Meanwhile, the butterflies decided to take matters into their own hands. They began to pepper the flowers with powder from their florid wings, and slowly and gently restored colour to the world.

 No longer afraid of the magician, the King invaded his fortress, overthrew him and used his magnificent robe as a shamiana in the town square.

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