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Good Earth Playlist: Gandhara

Good Earth Playlist: Gandhara

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As we unearth the traces of an ancient land as old as the Rig Vedas, we find fragments of a true confluence of cultures, a place that transcends one region, one time, one language.

We discover the story of

Our Design Collection 2018–2019

Our Gandhara Playlist explores elements of this multi-cultural civilization, once a cradle of creativity, knowledge and learning, with its Indic, Persian, Greek, Central Asian and Buddhist influences.

Gandhara Playlist


Anhad Naad 
Ram Sampath, Sona Mohapatra & Shadab


Dil Sulagta Raha Chandni Raat Mein
Ustad Nusurat Fateh Ali Khan


Khwaja Mere Khwaja


Kaho Kya Khayal Hai
Zeb and Haniya

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