Handpicked Gifts

Handpicked gifts


Good Earth presents a series of recommendations guest curated by ultimate tastemakers to simplify your last-minute gifting needs. Handpicked luxury for every mood, every personality.

Handpicked gifts by Sanjay Garg
for the eclectic collectors

"A gift should not only be about what the receiver likes, it should also have a bit of you in it to capture a special memory or shared moment."

- Sanjay Garg, Raw Mango 

A selection of bespoke objects from the Good Earth universe curated through Sanjay Garg’s unique Indian aesthetic.

Made by master craftsmen, these artisanal objects represent a unique harmony of old and new through their contemporary interpretation of traditional crafts. Timeless gifts for the champions of design, each object is illustrative of the vibrant heritage of India through the story it tells.

Handpicked gifts by Amrita Thakur
for the lovers of self-care

“My idea of TLC is surrounding myself with beautiful candles, applying a nourishing oil before my shower, exfoliating, following it up with a shower oil and then a good thick moisturiser. Hydrated and happy!

- Amrita Thakur, Style Curator 

Simple pleasures for those who love a good day in. 
Designer and style-curator shares her self-care gifting favourites. A careful selection of treats for your loved ones that create an instant atmosphere of relaxation and recentering.  
Inspired by the nurturing properties of nature and traditional rituals of fragrance and healing, Amrita's picks reflect Good Earth's quintessential fusions of old-world knowledge with contemporary expression. 
Encourage those who deserve a restful pause to indulge in rituals of self-care with a selection of aromatherapy, bath favourites and everyday wellness products for a nourishing experience inside and out.

Handpicked gifts by Priti Mahajan
for hosts with an eye for detail

“As the season turns and there’s a slight nip in the air, hosting garden parties is my absolute favourite.”

- Priti Mahajan, Brand Advisor

Little treasures make for timeless gifts for the generous host who's seasonally inspired outdoor table settings brim with fine flourishes and make festive gatherings memorable. 
For Priti it's all about delighting the senses with a play of textures and adding thoughtful details. She suggests "Start by using a clean textured white base with some show of skin like wood or marble. Mixing materials is always a good idea - glass with brass, silver and gold accents add to eclectic mix. Don't skimp on lights – bring in the fairy lights, lanterns, candelabras and even some reflecting surface for added drama. Soften the look with some cosy cushions and dot the living space with flowers and baskets full of books and rolled up rugs.  
Don't forget to add the right music, garden parties are all about kicking back and having fun the barefoot way!"

Handpicked gifts by Prerna Goel 
from the tropics to your homes

“I love the gentle beat of the ocean, it brings instant calm to the otherwise whirlwind of life.”

- Prerna Goel

Prerna Goel's casual elegance shines through her selection of balmy furnishings, breezy loungewear and tropical themed décor. Stylish pieces that take you on a holiday-at-home and evoke a laid-back island lifestyle.

Ideal for the free-spirited friend who enjoys sitting under the cool shade of a swaying palm tree, with infinite views of shades of blues.

Thoughtfully designed with nuances from tropical lands, this curation is an invitation to bring the beach to your bed, no matter the season or time of year. 

Handpicked gifts by Anahita Dhondy
to serve your tea in style

“I love setting up an elaborate table with napkins, floral crockery and some delicious food. To top it all, adding a few candles and fresh flowers just makes the dining experience fancy and special.”

- Anahita Dhondy

A round-up of delightful tea-time accessories by chef and restaurateur Anahita Dhondy. Ideal gifts for those who enjoy the warmth of the winter sun with a sip or two of fragrant tea with freshly-baked nibbles on the side.
Bring the majesty of Mughal gardens to your table with this selection of elegant pieces that instantly elevate the daily afternoon ritual. Good Earth's iconic Nishaat tea mugs and tableware are perfectly complemented by soft Rose Garden cushions and delicately patterned linens.

Handpicked gifts by Shalini Passi
add sparkle to your everyday

“These statement accessories to me are an amalgamation of décor, craft, tradition and luxury. They add aesthetic to interiors and evoke a sense of authenticity to the home.”

- Shalini Passi 

An assortment of lustrous tableware and décor items curated by design patron and art collector make a winning choice for festive gifting.
Pick from a selection of refined statement pieces to instantly add a little sparkle to your everyday. With handcrafted detailing and sleek design, these objects will seamlessly blend into any modern home.
Featuring an intricate hand-etched pattern, our Tamara Candle base is a perfect housewarming gift, ideal for holding a fragrant candle or buds of mogras to bring prosperity home this festive season.

Handpicked gifts by Eeshaan Kashyap
to keep you in good spirits

“I prefer living life in color and celebrating it every moment, when life gives you a lemon, make a cocktail and smile.”

- Eeshaan Kashyap

A chef who enjoys the finer things in life, Eeshaan Kashyap is behind some of the best bars in the city. His understanding of the alchemy of ingredients has led him to master the art of the perfect cocktail.

For this gifting curation he shares with us bar essentials for an aspiring mixologist and their endless cocktail experiments. A selection of classic designs and a special array of glassware for to raise the bar of gifting.

Eeshaan also shares simple tips that will keep the spirits flowing:

1. Keep basic cocktail concoctions like lime juice and simple syrup handy to stay out of the kitchen during the party.  

2. Use decanters to stock pre-made cocktails like Chamomile Negroni and chill them in the refrigerator.

3. Always chill your champagne saucers in the refrigerator before serving. The little details make all the difference.