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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time


Captivating tales, enigmatic illustrations, exciting adventures, captivating cities and a dollop of history. Here is our collection of children’s books for your little gumdrops.

The Story of Babur

A story that will fascinate children and parents alike... 

Good Earth's first children's book in collaboration with Puffin Books: 

The Story of Babur  

The tale of the India’s first Mughal emperor, an adventurer, a king, a legend.  

Based on the Babur Nama, in which Babur writes about events in his life, this is story of self-discovery, a book to be cherished, and read over and over again.

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across our shops, at Amazon India and the Victoria and Albert Museum gift shop.

The Story of Babur — The Beginnings 
~ Simran Lal

“While reading books to my two little boys and my young niece and nephew, I felt the need for books that told stories about India’s history through real historical events and people; stories about our jungles, rivers, animals, mythology and cultural history. 

I wanted to create books that ignite their curiosity about where we come from and who came before us. We start the series with the story of Babur, who was the founder of Mughal dynasty in India.


In a chatty style, the writer playfully adds jokes and pranks played by young Babur and the importance of relationships and duties of a young leader, while imparting historical events with its share of villains, heroes and battles! The gentle watercolour illustrations are influenced by Mughal miniatures and have been rendered in a modern, youthful style. 

Wishing all our readers many hours of happy reading! Dedicated to my four young readers who know it almost by heart — Raghav (who celebrates his 8th birthday today), Zarovar, Leila Noor and Arjuna.”

The Case of The Missing Tiger Cub

Adventure through India's tropical landscape and explore the magic of India's wildlife and forests through the eyes of Rainbow Raghavan. 

 A beautifully illustrated children's story about a jungle girl and a city boy on their search for a missing tiger cub in Bandhavgarh, brought to life by writer, Kalpana Subramanian, and illustrator, Prashant Miranda. A story of friendship and discovery.  

The Case of The Missing Tiger Cub is available across shops and on our Web Boutique.


Krishna Deva Raya

Let your gumdrop babies lose themselves in the enthralling tale and colourful pages of Krishna Deva Raya, one of India's greatest kings. Explore the magnificent palaces, extravagant temples and bazaars in Vijayanagara, where the king of kings, Krishna Deva Raya, once resided.
From the magical landscapes of Vijayanagara with its extravagant temples and palaces to exquisite baths and lotus lakes as seen through the eyes of Krishna Deva Raya's great granddaughter.

Krishna Deva Raya: King of Kings is available across shops and on Web Boutique.

The Story of TansenMaster of Melody

Journey through the life of legendary singer, composer and musician, Tansen, as he sings to the forest and the clouds and falls deeply in love.  

Discover the magical events of his life, and the profound power of his enchanting voice, together with your gumdrop.

An enigmatic illustrated children's book chronicling the life of Tansen, who became one of Mughal Emperor Akbar's Navaratnas, or 'nine jewels'.  

The Story of Tansen: Master of Melody is available across shops and on our Web Boutique.

Treasure At The Train Station

An intriguing adventure set in Mumbai's iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus that takes you back to the magnificent railway station in 1967, one of Mumbai's iconic landmarks.  

The railway station was once a grand architectural example of intricately carved interiors and charming stone sculptures, brought to life in this story that conjures India's rich history. 

Immerse yourself in the wonder of the majestic interiors of the once grand Victoria Terminus with the enchanting tale Treasure At The Train Station.

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