Under the Winter Sun

Under the Winter Sun


Winter in North India is more than just a change of climate – a brief respite from the beating heat of the long summer – these precious cool months bring back seasonal customs and familial traditions that are common rituals in many households. A simple preparation of food, an oil massage or a soothing skincare routine take us on a trip down memory lane... 

Join us as we discover winter wellness rituals and age-old food traditions with essentials from the Good Earth universe.

Winter Wellness Rituals

As much as we crave the warmth of the sun during winter, our skin too seeks extra nourishment and comfort against the cold, dry winds of the season. 

Begin your day with Pahadi Local’s cult-favourite, Gutti Ka Tel or Apricot Kernel Oil. Locally known as Gutti Ka Tel, the oil is extracted from apricot orchards in upper Himachal Pradesh and is cold-pressed using hundred-year-old traditional methods. An essential for your winter beauty bag, this natural oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and boosts the skin’s ability to retain elasticity and clarity.

As part of your night-time self-care routine, massage the soles of your feet and arms with our Amritam Frankincense Body Oil, just before you go to sleep. This healing oil’s natural plant-resin origin helps overcome stress and has a soothing effect on damaged skin.

Uplift your winter evenings with a blend that is inspired by the flourishing grasslands of Africa. With notes of native flora —cypriol, ylang-ylang, clove bud, guaiac wood and palmarosa — the Savannah Aromatherapy Set acts as a natural mood-booster for the cold and misty season.

Simply pour a few drops of aroma oil into some water in a fumer and place a tealight inside. The warmth from the candle releases a scent that purifies the air and soothes the senses, a great pick-me-up to help you unwind after an exhausting day.

Farm to Fork 
with Chef Radhika Khandelwal

To take us back to warm childhood memories of home-cooked meals, we invited our favourite chefs to prepare farm-to-table menus, using fresh winter produce.

Chef Radhika Khandelwal – chef-owner at Fig & Maple and Ivy & Bea – joined us at our Tulsi Garden Studio, to cook up a storm using season produce from local markets.

The course began with a hearty recipe of roasted cauliflower soup infused with tempered mustard seeds and curry leaves, elevated by our timeless Indus Soup Bowls.

For the second preparation of her winter-special menu, Chef Radhika tapped into the vibrancy of Indian street food, to prepare a Sweet Potato Salad. The salad is plated in our Nishaat Shallow Bowl — a patterned, flat-lay dish that allows for Radhika's signature wreath plating, perfect for a Christmas luncheon.

This easy winter cocktail recipe balances the different flavours on the table and captures the immunity-boosting properties of turmeric, perfect for those most vulnerable to a cold and sore throat.


A Wholesome Kumaoni Feast
with The Prodigal Farms

Plant-based chef Dhruv Nijhawan from The Prodigal Farms spent a day in our lush Tusi Garden Studio as he curated the perfect Kumaoni thali, cooked with indigenous produce straight from his farm.

The meal is plated in our traditional Kansa dinner plate, which is handcrafted using age-old techniques. Perfect for serving the quintessential Indian meal, the Kansa Dining collection lends the wellness benefits of alkalised metal, to the food and your body.


Pickled Delicacies
by Old Fashioned Gourmet

In India, every household has a custom-made pickle recipe — a combination of some secret spice mix and signature flavours that give every home-made pickle jar a distinct taste.  

In a special collaboration with Good Earth, Old-Fashion Gourmet shares a selection of their winter-special pickles, all served in our Persia Tapas and Yasmin Chutney Bowls.  

Featured: the Gajar, Gobhi and Shalgam Pickle — a quintessential recipe from Punjab topped with winter jaggery for a crunchy and sweet taste. The Lemon Chhuhara Pickle — a sweet and tangy mix of Chhuhara or Dry Dates and Lemon rind. An heirloom recipe of the spicy Indian Green Chillies pickle revived from ancestral homes in Jaipur. And lastly, the Red Chillies pickle inspired and created with an heirloom recipe from Varanasi.

Winter Desserts
by Kainaz Contractor

We welcomed restaurateur Kainaz Contractor to recreate our favourite winter dessert for us. Contractor, along with her partner Rahul Dua, is behind cult-favourite eating haunts such as Bhawan, Rustom's and Café Dori.  

Kainaz used our Sorbet Coupe to serve two winter-special treats, Carrot Halwa with a modern twist and Panjiri Granola made with whole wheat flour, rolled oats and makhana.

This versatile set of 6 comes with classic Renaissance motifs, recreated for a contemporary table setting, perfect to serve ice cream and halwa, all the same.

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