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Welcome To The Elephant Corridor

Welcome To The Elephant Corridor

Fables & Nature

Elephant Parade® is a social enterprise that runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues.

Created by artists and celebrities, each life-sized, baby elephant statue is unique, exhibited globally to raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation and welfare.

We at Good Earth, have always been inspired by the magnificent Indian Elephant, that nurtures and thrives on our landscapes.  

Today, the Asian elephant is an endangered species, threatened by a loss of natural habitat, ivory poaching and human-elephant conflict. To protect the magnificent species, we partnered with social enterprise, Elephant Family, charity partner of Elephant Parade®, standing in solidarity with the majestic elephant, a cause very dear to us.
Here is a glimpse into our design stories that pay homage to the Asian elephant. Say hello to our Eles:

Van Vaibhav

With intricate artwork inspired the beauty and bounty of nature, our miniature, handcrafted elephant is decorated with vibrant motifs of flora and fauna in a lush, undulating landscape. It celebrates the core of the Good Earth ethos,

Van Vaibhav: the Splendour of the Forest

The Dharma Wheel, Conch, Lotus, Victory Banner, Mystic Knot, Wisdom Urn, Protective Parasol and the Fertile Fish

Tara Astamangala

Good Earth's design interpretation of the 'eight auspicious symbols' or astamangala decorates our handcrafted Ele, Tara Astamangala. Each symbol represents the offerings presented by the Vedic gods to Sakyamuni Buddha upon his enlightenment. We have portrayed them as a composite crest:

Making of Van Vaibhav

Making of Tara Astamangala


Nicobar's miniature elephant, Kandy, offers an artistic interpretation of its signature motifs with a deeper allusion to the dwindling natural habitat of our elephants.  

While the fronds represent the lack of forest cover, the zebra crossings symbolize roads and railway tracks  
affecting the natural dwellings of the majestic elephant. 

Handcrafted To Life

Each elephant replica is a unique, miniature piece of art, handcrafted with delicate artwork by a skilled group of artisans.

20% of Elephant Parade® proceeds from our Eles are donated to the noble cause of elephant welfare and conservation projects!  

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