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Why choose the Good Earth for Asian Paints Nilaya wallcoverings collection?
1. The Silk Route collection of bespoke wallcoverings has been designed by Good Earth, exclusively for Asian Paints Nilaya, in our signature style. Asian Paints Nilaya is the finest wallcoverings brand in the country, and they have ensured that every element of design – from the lines of detail to the colour and tone – is faithfully expressed.

The range has been manufactured at one of the best wallcovering factories in the world. Based in Lancashire, the factory uses only water-based colours to create the wallcoverings, a process that resonates with Good Earth’s philosophy of sustainability. Some of the key designs of the collection have been printed using traditional techniques with engraved rollers to transpose patterns onto a textured non-woven substrate.
Where can I browse and purchase the Silk Route wallcoverings?
Silk Route retails both in the domestic and international markets. The range is available to browse and buy from our special Wallcovering Salons at Select Citywalk, New Delhi and Raghuvanshi Mills, Mumbai. This range can also be ordered from our online Web Boutique, and from all our other shops in India.

The collection retails at the Asian Paints flagship stores in Mumbai and New Delhi as well. Interior designers and architects can get in touch with us or the Asian Paints Nilaya team for personalized assistance in using the Silk Route collection in your projects.
I want to order a sample swatch. How do I do this?
Sorry, we do not offer sample swatches at the moment.
Do you sell by roll or by size requirement?
The wallcoverings retail in standard sized rolls. Each roll can cover an approximate area of 50 sq feet. Actual coverage depends on a range of factors – pattern repeat, condition of the walls, presence of niches/pillars etc.
Once I place my order, how long will delivery take?
You can immediately purchase the wallcoverings at our special Wallcovering Salons at the Select Citywalk, New Delhi shop and the Raghuvanshi Mills, Mumbai shop. If you place an order through our online Web Boutique, or from our other shops across the country, we will deliver domestically within 4 business days, and internationally within 7 business days.
Palmyra Damascus- Sand

MRP. ₹ 16,000

(Incl. of all taxes)