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Shambala Design Journal
9.5" x 6.5"


Description:  The Shambala journal is a record of the inspirations, research and design journey in exploring the cultural and craft connections with our Himalayan neighbor, China. It is an enchanting bedside companion for designers, dreamers and poets, who can use the blank pages to jot their own inspirations.

Design: Design: Each year we create a design collection that tells the story of a particular culture in the Indian subcontinent or surrounding areas across Asia. For the year 2016-17, we embarked on a design journey to celebrate the enchanting land of Shambala, a mythical kingdom of the pure heart that exists on many planes, hidden somewhere in Hollow Earth, deep in the Himalayan mountains. A Sanskrit word meaning 'Place Of Silence', Shambala is a fantastical paradise described in ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese texts as that which lies within our own hearts. We re-imagine it with mystical clouds, shallow lakes, flying cranes, elephants walking on clouds under a magical moon, and a secret garden with blooming peonies glimpsed through a moongate.

Craft: Hand bound and offset printed on cotton pulp paper. Transparent inner sheets are hot stamped with gold and silver foil and the cover is hand bound with a linen finish.

Material: Paper

Dimensions & Care

Dimension: 9.5" x 6.5"

The journal contains 110 pages with 20 blanks, to personalize it with your own ideas.

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