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Blue Mist

Mubarak 25 celebrates our first love, pottery. This is our 25th year and Good Earth pays homage to its pottery origins through an intimate collaboration with celebrated ceramic artist Vineet Kacker. ‘Born from the Earth’ is an exhibition of the Songlines Series, a limited edition artist’s collection of ceramic table decor that celebrates the fertility of soil and our eternal inspiration, Mother Nature. In the early 1990’s, Anita Lal had set up a pottery studio and kiln at Tulsi farm. It was during this time she met rising potter and ceramicist Vineet Kacker and his wife Suneetha and invited them to be resident artists at Tulsi. Anita Lal’s dream was to reinvigorate this essential craft of the village kumbhars, through collaborations that would extended their skills and create a new vocabulary. Together, this team brought about the signature Good Earth earthenware pots, launching a dynamic journey of decorative items that served a utilitarian purpose, were modern, and yet rooted in tradition. From this launch pad, Vineet Kacker and Suneetha became intrinsically involved with all things Good Earth which included in-store décor and display and in 1996, their creations were instrumental in bringing to life the unique and sensorial space of the first Good Earth shop in Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai. The dynamic team of Anita Lal and the Kackers came together again during the lockdown of 2020. This forced slowdown brought Vineet back to his first love, functional ceramicware, sharing his experiments with his friend and supporter Anita Lal. From this partnership was born Songlines, a limited edition artist collection of ceramic table decor exclusively for Good Earth.