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Established in 1996 with its first boutique at Kemps Corner, Mumbai.
Good Earth set standards for stylish luxury retail across India.



years of style

In January 2016, Good Earth celebrates 20 years of a design aesthetic that is crafted by hand, inspired by nature, and enchanted by history. Since opening in Mumbai in 1996, the last two decades have seen Good Earth grow into a cult brand recognised for its crafts-focused approach to luxury design and reviving the authentic skills of the crafts communities of India.

Good Earth is everyday luxury defined by an intense connection to nature, history, heritage and original design through an Indian prism. As India’s leading design house, we are known for our storytelling through surface design and sustaining the craft traditions of our culture.

With a growing international and online presence, we look at the world beyond India to build on our legacy as advocates for sustainable luxury.

Cypress tote bag, a collaboration with the Victoria & Albert museum

our story

Our founder Anita Lal and design head Asha Madan talk about design philosophy, inspiration, redefining luxury and supporting craft economies. Giving a window into their process for creating original designs that reflect an annual theme.

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legacy of luxury

A connoisseur has knowledge and an understanding of the process and pedigree of a product. The word itself comes from the French ‘connaitre’ meaning ‘to be acquainted with’ or ‘to know something’. Patrons of the arts and crafts have a deep understanding of that medium, and in India this is known as having pehchaan which roughly translates as identity, insight or discernment.

The Mughals epitomised this pehchaan. they could discern the subtle difference between an indifferently made product from one that was made with care and understanding. Through our posts on Sustainable Luxury, our endeavor is to offer insights into various handicraft traditions and discuss what distinguishes them and makes them unique and thus valuable. Today we draw from tradition to create a new vocabulary of luxury


Anita Lal discusses the pehchaan hallmarks for creating luxury crafts.

Making of the Kansa thali

The Discerning Eye


Each year we create a design collection that tells the story of a particular tradition or culture in a region across India and Asia.

the golden road to samarqand

To launch our 2014-2015 Design Collection, under a Samarqand inspired sky of twinkling lights, 200 guests gathered to celebrate the magic, mystery and mystic of Central Asia, birthplace of Rumi, Babur and Genghis Khan.

Each design tells a story, every story takes you on a journey.

enchanted india

Vibrant color juxtaposed with subtle serenity captures the essence of Indian style where opposites and contradictions coexist naturally and easily.