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In celebration of a twenty-year journey, Good Earth launches Silk Route, a collection of bespoke wallcoverings in collaboration with Asian Paints Nilaya.

The Silk Route was a network of trade routes that became integral to cultural interaction across regions of the Asian continent and the Mediterranean Sea.

Caravans from China in the East, across the Indus in the South and from Byzantium in the West would meet at various Caravanserais along the Silk Route to trade and exchange merchandize.

For Commerce, for Adventure, for Conquest, for Love, for Religion and for any and every reason known to mankind, unknown numbers of men and women have journeyed on this route, influencing language, art and culture.

Inspired by this, Silk Route bridges past to present, and essence to form, in our signature style.

inspired by tales
of travellers

This collection of wallpapers is divided into three themes based on the
romance of travel and discovery, and the fantasy of faraway lands that
found mention in the tales of travellers along this ancient route.

    Splendor of blossoming plants inside trellised walled gardens found on the Silk Route.
    Imagining an oasis paradise with lush foliage and exotic birds in the vast deserts along this route.
    Fantasy of the faraway land from where the Silk Route originated, across the Great Wall of China.

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